BandadesMusic Presents- A night of Fine Rock n Roll

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Join us at Kelly’s Olympian in Downtown Portland for a bitchin’ night of Rock n Roll. Tickets are just 5 bones! Opening will be a solo set by blues rocker Nathan Trueb of Tango Alpha Tango. Nathan is a shredder! I’v seen it and theres a good chance if you have trolled at shows at all in the few years, you have too. Supporting will be Hungry Skinny from San Francisco bringing their own style of feel-good Rock n Roll. These guys are a blast. Then we have Spirit Lake Headlining the evening. Spirit Lake was the first band I saw when I moved to Portland about a year ago. Jaci and I still lived in the van at this point! I bought the CD that night and these guys are amazing! The Biggening by Spirit Lake The whole night is a must see! Lets get crazy! See you…Article Continued in Post


Hobosexual – Live @ Doug Fir Lounge

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We have been following Hobosexual for around a year now and Jaci and I finally had a chance to see them live Sunday night. I’m a huge fan of heavy guitar rock duo’s like Hobosexual and Monday morning I woke up with headbangers whiplash. Earlier this year The Hobos ventured down to LA to record a very exciting new album. -taken from Hobosexual’s facebook page. “RAD news kids. In a week, Hobosexual heads to LA to start working on NEW material at Sir Josh Homme and Dave Grohl’s diggs, with award winning producer-man-god Alain Johannes at the helm (aka Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell, Arctic Monkeys, Mark Lanegan, and the Desert Sessions).” “We made it to LA safe n sound. Currently at Alain’s place discussing this weekend’s sessions over some Pinot Noir. It’s just unreal. In the center, the drum kit used extensively for many…Article Continued in Post


Hungry Skinny – Live at Kelly’s Olympian

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Jaci and I stumbled into Kelly’s Olympian on a random Wednesday night where we just so happen to accidentally come across a bitchin’ band that I had not heard about before. Hungry Skinny were on the road, up from San Francisco for an adventurous two week tour. Where they have slept outside in Monterey, passed out in what kind of looks like an abandoned house. Destroyed on some awesome thrift store raids for stage threads. To living it up for a night in an RV. Then getting to go and play some of the funnest (I know thats not a word, I dont care, get your own website) music I have heard live. After talking to a couple of the dudes after the show, you could tell they were having a great time and that came through in the music. You know it’s going to be good when the front…Article Continued in Post

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